Transformational Story

Tender Heart Responds To Tender Hands

When Mamdouh Mankarous was three days old, he got a terrible fever and it still affects him to this day. Today he is a wonderful 21-year-old man trapped behind a silent but infectious grin, burdened with diseased limbs. Luckily, he is blessed with a supportive family who loves him in an area where disabled children are often hidden and neglected. In our 2014 field trip, C4NC team met Mamdouh at the Center for People with Disabilities that we opened in Khosheh in June. He was there with his father, Dabous, and his smiling 20-year-old brother Mina who, when he’s not away for his job as a truck driver, carries Mamdouh wherever he needs to go. When you meet him he is engaging, with his joyous dark sparkling eyes that draw even strangers in. It’s tough not to smile when you’re with him.

Mamdouh has two other siblings and a mother who has been tending to his needs since his infancy. What he didn't have was a wheelchair, which placed a huge burden on his family. They hoped that C4NC and SML can help them with it. They plan to bring Mamdouh to the center every day, and having a wheelchair would make getting there much easier. The center will make a huge difference in the lives of Mamdouh and his family.

Once we came back from our field trip, we shared Mamdouh’s story with our donors. A tender heart reponded immediately by providing the needed financial support to buy the wheel chair. C4NC sent the funds and the wheel chair was bought and handled to Mamdouh. Finaly Mamdouh can feel independent. Great joy was brought to Mamdouh's family and to the tender heart who was behind that joy. We thank God for responding to Mamdouh's request and for using us to be a part of his story.

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