High-quality Preschool

How can early childhood education benefit young learners?

High-quality preschool programs are proven to raise academic performance and give children the skills and tools they need to be successful and contribute to society.  This is exactly why C4NC believes so firmly in making sure its young learners have access to a quality education from an early age.

The Shepherd and Mother of Light (SML) offers educational programs for children as young as 4 years old to give their education a jump start. These participants are significantly more likely to graduate from high school and continue on to higher education.  The foundation established for these children in the classroom at such a young age solidifies values that they will carry for life.  Even in these small children, the side effects of early education can also be seen; they have a high level of social skills and are extremely well-behaved.  

During the last visit to the field, the group went to visit one of SML’s preschools.  The visitors were not only impressed by the performance of the students but also by how well-trained the teachers were.  SML first requires that all of its teachers have a university degree and then they are sent for an additional 3 months of training through SML before they can begin teaching.  But all of this hard work clearly pays off; the students graduate from preschool with skills and values that they’ll use the rest of their lives!

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