A Story Behind Each Nursery

The Shepherd and Mother of Light nurseries routinely encourage children to be high achievers and have confidence in themselves. In each of the 49 villages where the nurseries operate, the young students have smiles on their faces as they talk about their bright futures and their dreams to be doctors, engineers, or officers. The students are not the only ones affected by the positive atmosphere of the nurseries. Many beautiful stories about how the parents and families have also been changed due to the wonderful programs.

We came across a story in one of the nurseries:

Numerous complains came from the parents that there were multiple cases of theft among the nursery children. The situation turned into a state of discomfort and anxiety, as these thefts even included things with no value like colors, pens, food, and fruits. Some supervisors said it is a child’s nature to steal and that the children would realize their mistake as they grew older. However, according to the Spiritual Education Dictionary, theft is a serious indication of a decline in the spiritual and moral level of the students of the nursery. It is a bad habit that might grow with time and will cause a person to lose his or her self-respect and dignity.

Upon taking a closer look at the situation, the teachers discovered that all of the thefts were being caused by a single student. The teachers began to observe the student closely for a period of time, and what they found out surprised them. The student was having family problems and was a victim of a lack of spiritual awareness. The whole family didn’t go to church, Jesus was absent from their house, and the children were always playing in the street without anyone caring to check on them.

Immediately, the nursery teachers began to set up a plan to fix the behavior of the child. They met with the child’s mother and they set up a spiritual program for the child. First, they started praying to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to change the lives of this family and the child. The nursery teachers also invited the mother to participate in their prayer sessions. Second, they put spiritual lessons in place to talk about honesty, loving, Christian behavior, social skills, and etiquette.

After the following this program for a while, not only did the child’s behavior start to change, but the child also began to understand the meaning of honesty and private property. Best of all, the child even began to lead the class and her family in prayer and has started teaching her friends how to take care of the property of others. 

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